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Working to Find a Comfortable Fit in Custom Prosthetics in Kamloops

Ben Chitsaz is a Canadian Board Certified Prosthetist with over 29 years of experience fitting all levels of amputees of all ages. We are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of amputees by providing quality professional care using the latest state-of-the-art techniques and components. We operate a fully equipped facility where we provide a wide spectrum of services from minor adjustments and supplies, to the design and manufacture of prosthesis for all levels of amputation. Providing custom prosthetics to Kamloops and the surrounding area that meets the needs of our clients is our priority.

Prosthetic design must be custom tailored to the physical needs and lifestyle of the individual. Each patient requires a unique combination of fitting, function and cosmetic results. We understand the importance of our patients’ input in their prosthetic management. Each client is consulted at Rowmac and each device is custom-tailored following a clear understanding of our patients' needs and expectations. We can only achieve this through listening and discussing options with our clients. Our staff also works closely with physicians and other allied healthcare practitioners to ensure that our patients receive the optimum results in comfort and functionality.

We provide out-call service to Royal Inland Hospital or other healthcare facilities. Rowmac Orthopedic provides post-operative care through pre/post-surgical counseling, immediate post-operative prostheses and stump shrinkers.

Our Brands

At Rowmac Orthopedic Services Ltd., we are proud to stock the following brands of prosthetic componentry:

Ottobock Healthcare
OrtoPed ULC
College Park Industries
Ohio Willow Wood®
ALPS South
Fillauer LLC
Knit-Rite®, Inc.
Cascade Orthotic Supply Inc.
DAW Industries

Please contact us about your prosthetic needs today.

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