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We Provide Trusted Brands of Orthopedic Shoes to Kamloops

Rowmac Orthopedic Services has a variety of extra-depth footwear that can accommodate or facilitate healing of many foot conditions. We have footwear especially suited to our diabetic patients’ needs. Many severe foot/ankle conditions can be managed by external shoe modifications. If we cannot provide the optimum solution for our patients with our off-the-shelf footwear, we can custom manufacture footwear from plaster molds.

Our Brands

We are proud to stock the following brands to help you find the fit you need to feel comfortable and prepared:

Steenwyk Custom Shoes and Orthotics
Jerry Miller I.D. Shoes
Buffalo Brace
Darco International, Inc.
P.W. Minor
Biotime ®

Contact us any time to consult about the orthopedic footwear brands we carry.

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