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Creating Customized Foot Orthotics in Kamloops

Rowmac Orthopedic Services Ltd. has designed, engineered and manufactured many types of foot orthoses to best suit our patients’ needs and conditions, and to improve biomechanical alignment. Custom foot orthotics may be needed to improve function, and can alleviate pain and discomfort resulting from such conditions as:


Plantar fasciitis

Morton’s neuroma

Knee pain

Lower back pain


Iliotibial band syndrome

We custom design each pair of custom orthoses using any one of the following techniques, depending on our desired outcome and foot condition: semi-weight bearing foam impression box, or a plaster or fiberglass slipper cast. All orthoses are manufactured in our on-site facility, which ensures complete customization, by allowing us to use a variety of materials and techniques to produce the most effective correction for your condition and optimize comfort. This also allows us to make on-site modifications, repairs and alignment to custom-manufactured foot orthotics and some footwear.

Get in touch today to find the foot orthotics solution that will work for you.

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