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We Offer Custom Bracing to Kamloops and Beyond

As a Certified Orthotist, Ben Chitsaz has 25 years of experience fitting orthoses for a wide variety of neuromuscular and skeletal conditions, such as:

Sports injuries

Multiple sclerosis



Diabetic neuropathy

Cerebral palsy

Spina bifida

Traumatic brain injury

Muscular dystrophy


Idiopathic scoliosis

Using innovative and up-to-date bracing solutions, Rowmac Orthopedic Services assesses, manufactures and supplies an extensive list of custom orthotic devices, which provide patients with protection, stability and comfort, while correcting alignment.

We pride ourselves in comprehensive evaluations, which may include gait analysis, muscle testing, range of motion and, most importantly, patient input regarding their requirements. From this we develop a customized solution for each patient’s orthopedic challenges. In some situations a prefabricated device is suitable, in which case the brace is still professionally sized and fitted. If a custom made device is required, most often the device is fabricated in our full-service facility. This allows us to maintain full control of all material choice and fabrication techniques, resulting in a true custom and unique device for each and every patient we see. We also offer products from the leading manufacturers and maintain a large selection of off-the-shelf bracing products. 

We have a special interest in sports bracing, whether prophylactic or to support injuries of joints. Understanding human kinetics and applying this knowledge to orthotic management of sports injuries improves outcomes and maximizes performance.

Our Brands

We stock the following brands to support your orthotics needs:

Ottobock Healthcare
Fillauer LLC
Berretta Medical Inc.
BREG® Inc.
DonJoy® Performance
OrthActive™ Appliances Ltd.
Cascade Orthotic Supply Inc.
iWalk Free®, Inc.

Get in touch today to discuss your needs for custom bracing and orthotics.

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